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"I saw all the mirrors on earth and none of them reflected me."

Jorge Luis Borges

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Disco Inferno – Summer's Last Sound (901 plays)

"I can remember seeing footage of neo-Nazis firebombing immigrant hostels in the newly liberated East Germany, and the thing my parents told me about how being Jewish means you can never permanently call anywhere home hit me with a force I’d never felt. Seeing neo-Nazis on TV murdering Gypsies shook me profoundly.

Now, I see how Muslims in the UK are being scapegoated in almost exactly the same way as Jews were in the 30s, so some level of chaos is by no means inconceivable in the coming years. Nothing appears to have been learned by the lessons of the last century, which is extremely ominous. So, the song is about flight”

Ian Crause (Disco Inferno)

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My Saturday evening. I’m starting to get drunk, entertain me.

My Saturday evening. I’m starting to get drunk, entertain me.

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Excerpt from a music video/short film by Vincent Gallo for his own album When (Warp Records, 2001), featuring a spinning Paris Hilton “in her very first erotic film performance”

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